Saturday, July 10, 2004

Thumbs Down To Hummers

We're starting a revolution. A revolution of shame.

The middle finger's lost a lot of its flare, but it still has a righteous F-you connotation.

We're not about that. We want to make people mad, but not at us. We want to make people mad at themselves.

Shame is an amazing motivator. If conspicuous monster-SUV-driving consumers are ever to get the point, we need to touch their souls.

With our thumbs.

Give Hummers the 'thumbs down' whenever you see them coming up the road.

One thumb or a pair, whatever you like, however you feel. Get your friends involved: Several sets of thumbs work nicely, too.

No words. No anger. No emotion. Just a chubby two-inch digit pointed at the ground.

They'll get the point. And if they see enough — and others do as well — the revolution will take shape. The shame will set in. The thumb will conquer all.